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War & Peace and Sonya

The Story of Sonya Tolstoy

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Paperback (BC)
01 Feb 2015
Unicorn Press
In 1862 Sonya Tolstoy married the greatest author the world has ever known. For forty-eight years they shared their lives in an enmeshed union that was both passionate and combative. Sixteen years younger than her husband, Sonya bore him thirteen children and worked for years as his copyist, rewriting countless drafts of his timeless novels. Both were mercurial and personalities and, towards the end and exhausted, Tolstoy deserted her. In War & Peace and Sonya, Judith Armstrong tells Sonya’s own story, exploring the couple’s devotion and ambivalence to one another, their immense passion for great literature and the creative process, and showing us just how remarkably true to life fiction can be.
Judith Armstrong grew up in Melbourne. After marriage and the birth of two children, she did a PhD and taught Russian literature and culture at the University of Melbourne, where she published five academic books. She now writes full time, and also writes reviews or articles for newspapers, magazines and opera programmes. Her stage-adaptation of Anna Karenina sold out and had to be extended. She speaks at functions, festivals, libraries, fund-raisers and on radio, and has escorted several tour groups to Europe and Russia.
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