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Viktor Popkov

A Russian Painter of Genius

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30 Jun 2013
Unicorn Press Ltd
Painter, graphic artist, portraitist, landscape and genre painter. In 1948 - 1952 he studied at MVHPU and continued his studies at the Surikov Moscow State Institute of Fine Art where his teacher was E.A.Kibrik. He won the Grand Prix at the World Biennale in Paris in 1967 when he was just 35 years old. He was also the winner of The State Prize of the USSR (in 1975 - posthumously) The book, written by the distinguished Russian artist and art historian Peter Kozorezenko Jr, is the first in-depth review of Viktor Popkov and commemorates his artistic accomplishments 80 years after his birth
Dr. Peter Kozorezenko Jr. is a distinguished Rus- sian artist and art historian. He is a Doctor of Art Studies, a member of the Russian Academy of Arts, and the head of the restoration section of the Crea- tive Union of Russia's Artists. He is very active in promoting art among the youth and has organized numerous exhibitions and youth art competitions.
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