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Unfinished Blues

Memories of a New Orleans Music Man

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Hardback (BB)
01 Apr 2014
Historic New Orleans Collection
Unfinished Blues is the story of New Orleans composer, producer, arranger, educator, and jazz ambassador Harold Battiste Jr., told in his own words. Chasing the dream from New Orleans to Los Angeles and back, Battiste thrived in jazz, blues and pop scenes. The creative force behind a bevy of number one hits and the sage who launched the careers of Dr. John and Sonny and Cher, Battiste worked behind the scenes of the music industry for more than half a century. Richly illustrated and featuring excerpts from Battiste’s personal letters and journals, Unfinished Blues launched The Historic New Orleans Collections Lousiana Musicians Biography Series. The Collection is the permanent repository for the Harold Battiste Papers, and archive of music-industry photographs, manuscripts, and memorabilia, available to the public at the Williams Research Center.
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