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Trashing the Trainset

Days and Awaydays in BBC News, 2004 - 2007

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Paperback (BC)
01 Jul 2016
Universe Press
Chris Moore’s second BBC memoir plunges into the same white-hot media furnace he so vividly evoked in 2015’s Greg Dyke, My Part In His Downfall. That unexpected best-seller on Amazon gave readers an unforgettable worm’s-eye perspective on world events, as seen from within the seething can of multi-platform content labelled BBC News. This second lifting of the lid reveals what happened when Greg Dyke’s successor as Director-General, Mark Thompson, arrived clutching an agenda for radical change that rapidly turned into a recipe for disaster. He dished out change alright, but radio was not a priority, nor the BBC World Service - bad news for its tens of millions of listeners and very bad news for the journalists in its newsroom. For them, it was the beginning of the end.
By the same author Trench Fever (Little, Brown, 1998) Roger, Sausage & Whippet (Headline, 2012) Greg Dyke, My Part In His Downfall (Universe,2015) The Hoarse Oaths Of Fife (Universe, 2015)
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