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The Tangier Archive

The Great War Photographs of Captain Givord

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Paperback (BC)
01 Feb 2016
Uniform Press
In 1999 a collection of small wooden boxes was discovered in a flea market in Tangier. Inside these boxes were 500 glass stereoscopic negatives and handwritten notes from a French officer, who took over 250 photographs between 1916 and 1918. This book highlights previously unseen images taken across the Western Front capturing all aspects of war; from the banal and odd moments to the cruel and brutal ones. It is a vision of one officer’s war, analytic and distant, yet with an exceptional aesthetic sense. The quality of the imagery and composition taken within a theatre of war a century ago is exceptional – even more so when considering the lack of portability and creativity that is present with today’s digital offering. Across the battlefields in this opus he takes us into one of the biggest fights of the war: the 1917 Nivelle Offensive, the 1918 German Spring Offensive and the definitive allied counter-attack. We visit familiar locations at Ypres and Arras, the Somme and the Marne illustrating castles and trenches, officers and soldiers, British, German and French.
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