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The Somme

The Day-by-Day Account

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Paperback (BC)
01 Jul 2016
Uniform Press
A new revised edition of the landmark book presenting a detailed chronicle of the battle, day-byday, unit by unit from 1 July to 19 November 1916. This fascinating book is a significant approach to the conflict of 1916 and a practical guide for anyone wishing to see and understand how the battle evolved. The day-by-day layout is illustrated by a fine selection of photographs, many rarely seen and all carefully linked to show specific details of each month’s fighting. Equally important are the full colour maps illustrating trench names, fortresses and strongpoints, jumping-off points, objectives and gains made. The unique layout makes it possible to follow the progress of a specific British brigade through reserve trenches, the front lines, no man’s land and captured enemy positions, and to trace that unit on the detailed maps.
Chris McCarthy joined the Imperial War Museum in 1976, first as a Curator of British uniforms and then as Conservation Officer. He is now retired, but continues to work on a long-term database project on the First World War. Chris is a member of the British Commission for Military History and an Honorary Research Fellow in War Studies at the University of Birmingham.
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