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The Power of Letterforms

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Paperback (BC)
01 Jan 2015
Unicorn Press
This book is an extensive account of the numerous ways in which letterforms affect our everyday lives. exploring the many different types of letterform, such as handwriting, packaging and advertising design, logo and book design, typography and engraved letterforms. Throughout this book, Sassoon considers the way in which these different letterforms have a profound and persuasive affect on all of us, that we are distinctly unaware of. For example, the ways in which our handwriting is the reflectance of ourselves of paper. and the importance of typography and layout for the atmosphere of a design and how that influences the experience of the reader. Letterforms find their way into everyday life, thus this is a fascinating book for all readers. An essential read for those who are in the creative industry, and a useful guide to those with a career involing letterforms.
Rosemary Sassoon (born 1931) is an internationally- acclaimed expert on handwriting, particularly that of children. She is the creator of the Sassoon series of typefaces, which have been used across children’s educational publishing for over four decades. Her previous books (all still in print) include: The Practical Guide to Calligraphy, Creating Letterforms, Computers and Typography, and The Art and Science of Handwriting.
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