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The Mediation Handbook 2014/15

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20 Feb 2014
Unicorn Press Ltd
Apart from examining where mediation sits in the fast evolving world of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), the 2014/5 handbook examines and explains the processes involved in all fields of mediation, including civil and commercial, workplace and employment, family and community. This book is the standard course for new mediators taught around the world. It will be invaluable to all the parties involved in a mediation: the mediators and participants as well as legal or technical advisers and mediation advocates.
Jonathon Dingle is the UK's authority on all matters mediation, being a founder of and secretary to the Civil Mediation Council and co-founder and lead tutor of London School of Mediation. He is regularly asked to speak on mediation around the globe and is an international trainer of great repute, having trained over 5,000 mediators. Judith Kelbie is a co-founder and director of London School of Mediation. She was a board member of the Civil Mediation Council, chairing the Accreditation Committee and the Outreach Committee. Judith speaks on mediation internationally, and has presented papers at mediation conferences and forums across the world.
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