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The Day Sussex Died

A History of Lowther’s Lambs to the Boar’s Head Massacre

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Paperback (BC)
01 May 2016
Uniform Press
The Boar’s Head is not a battle covered any history of the Great War. It occurred at an obscure salient in the German lines around the small village of Richebourg in northern France. The writing, is a result of twelve years work, providing a detailed account of the events of 30th of June 1916 created as one easily accessible document for the benefit of the relatives of all those men who served in, especially those who gave up their lives in the service of their King, Country, and the Southdown Battalions of the Royal Sussex Regiment, Lowther’s Lambs. Lost after the infamous black day for the British Army as the Battle of the Somme began on 1st July. This battle has been described as ‘The Day that Sussex Died’ with the 13th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment suffering the lion’s share of the casualties. Many of those who died were never identified in the aftermath of the war and are commemorated on the Loos Memorial at Dud Corner. John Baines records the events of that day, together with the history up to that time, of the Southdowners from the Royal Sussex Regiment. Thus ensuring that their exploits and sacrifices will always be remembered. This is the second revised edition published for the centenary of the battle.
John Baines spent twelve years as an amateur historian and leading the Royal Sussex Regiment Living History Group, completing his research for the book in 2011. His life was sadly cut short by illness just after initial publication. This is his legacy to those men from Sussex.
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