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The Blues: A Visual History

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Hardback (BB)
01 Jan 2015
Unicorn Press
Charting the history of the blues from its rural roots in the Mississippi Delta, and focussing on the key musicians and singers who brought it recognition worldwide, The Blues: A Visual History will be a unique, fully illustrated account of the blues—the common denominator that has driven and permeated the popular music of the last hundred years. As well as tracing the story of the blues through its various styles, the book will include profiles of no fewer than fifty key artists—including fact files with biographical information, recording histories (and must- have “Playlists”) and more, for each—and feature the most important blues performers. Each chapter also includes three special features that will focus on specific topics of particular interest, and give insights into the social background in which the blues developed as a form.
Written by Mike Evans, a lifetime collector of blues and r&b records and editor and author of several books on the subject, including the much-acclaimed Portrait of the Blues and A Century of Jazz (as editor), and (as author) the best-selling Elvis: A Celebration (which he researched and wrote in collaboration with the Elvis Presley Estate in Memphis) in 2002, Waking Up in Memphis (2003) and Ray Charles: The Birth of Soul (2005).
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