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Swimming with Dali

And Other Encounters with Artists

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Paperback (BC)
03 Mar 2016
Unicorn Press
For more than half a century Edwin Mullins has worked with some of the leading artists of our day. As a writer and journalist, film-maker and broadcaster, he has been delighted to find how often these working relationships, mostly thrown together, grew into friendships – some of them lasting for decades, others filling a memorable evening over a bottle of wine. In either case these friendships with artists have been invaluable to an understanding of their work, as well as a privilege that would have been denied had Mullins not been prepared to pick up a phone and ask ‘May I come and talk to you?’ – because most artists, he came to realise, love to talk about their work. This fascinating book is an account of a number of those relationships. Some are like portrait sketches; others thumbnail sketches. But each of them, as Mullins says, ‘belongs to a particular time in my life, and I value them all.’
Edwin Mullins is an author and broadcaster who has served as the art critic for the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph. His most recent book, Van Gogh, The Asylum Year,is also published by Unicorn Press.
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