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Subterranean Sappers

A History Of 177 Tunnelling Company RE from 1915 to 1919

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Paperback (BC)
10 Jun 2015
Uniform Press
The first history covering a tunnelling company published since the 1920’s. This history of 177 Tunnelling Company, Royal Engineers details from their formation on the Western Front in 1915 to the disbandment of the Company after the war. It looks at the men of all ranks who made up the Company, where they were from and what roles they played. The book focusses heavily on the daily struggle the Company faced underground under constant mine threat from the Germans, detailing the tunnel systems and dugouts they constructed accompanied by colour plans. The book contains first-hand accounts of fighting the Germans underground and explains what their role was in the greater scheme of the war.
Iain served 17 years in the army with the Royal Military Police in Germany, Northern Ireland, UK, Norway, Sardinia, Egypt, Bosnia, Kosovo, Canada, Sierra Leone and Belgium. He currently lives in Ypres and works as a WW1 historian, researcher and guide specialising in the history of the Western Front and the Palestine Campaign during WW1 Published to coincide with the centennary of the formation of the Company.
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