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The Work of Mary Louise Coulouris

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Paperback (BC)
03 Sep 2016
Mary Louise Coulouris was born in New York and raised in Hollywood. Her father was the Anglo-Greek actor, George Coulouris who was part of the Orson Welles’ Studio and starred in Citizen Kane. After completing her school education in London, she enrolled at the Slade School of Art, then under the directorship of the legendary Sir William Coldstream. Among her tutors were E. H. Gombrich and Sir Anthony Blunt. She was taught etching in Paris by William Hayter at the renowned ‘Atelier 17’. Among the first to buy her colourful work were the actor Vincent Price and the writer John Steinbeck. Her work has also been purchased by several public collections, including the Ashmolean Museum, the Nuffield Trust, the joint Houses of Parliament, the Biblioteque Nationale de France and the New York Public Library. She worked in many media, including oils watercolours, murals, rugs and mosaics as well as print making. She moved to Scotland with her husband and undertook many commissions for oil paintings and public murals. A succession of Greek scholarships took her to Athens where she had a number of exhibitions and made a home with her husband Gordon Wallace on the island of Hydra.
Gordon Wallace married Mary Louise Coulouris in 1971. He followed a career as a civil engineer on many large-scale projects in England and Scotland, and also published several non-fiction books and wrote short stories and plays. He was a Director of Glasgow’s School of Printing, and his articles are published regularly in The Times Educational Supplement. He is a fellow of the Churchill Memorial Trust and is now working on a series of vignettes based on his experiences of living among the Greeks.
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