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Paperback (BC)
16 Mar 2016
Unicorn Press
#Roughsketchesis a collection of Remi’s drawings and sketches from a diverse catalogue of work spanning the last two decades. The book demonstrates the gradual progression in Remi’s works from graffiti lettering to the abstractions they have now become, with a focus on the interplay between geometry, line and space. Most of the featured sketches are in black and white, as Remi often chooses to strip away all the unnecessary peripheral parts of graffiti while drawing and sketching in order to retain a focus on the development of style; it is this aspect of drawing process that enables him to develop his ideas for his paintings and large-scale mural projects.
Remi Rough has been making images for more than a quarter of a century. His art began on walls and trains in south London in 1984; today it has been exhibited in cities such as Miami, Newcastle, Berlin and New York. A respected graffiti artist, Remi has also played a significant part in the development of ‘abstract graffiti’, a term that seems far too clinical to describe the accomplishments of his work, which has always been about the interplay of colour and shape. As part of the collective Agents of Change, Remi has also been re-imagining public spaces, from an abandoned ‘ghost village’ in Scotland, to the exterior of the Megaro Hotel in the centre of London, as well as other international locations.
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