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Rope's End

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Paperback (BC)
29 Jul 2016
Universe Press
This story of adventure, romance and violence, with a strong nautical background, is set in the West Indies and South America. When James Huwes is appointed second-in-command of a magnificent super-yacht he finds himself thrown into a bright playboy world where charming but utterly ruthless enemies compete for the two women he loves. Sexy shenanigans, deceit, revenge, and the prospect of great wealth lead to several murders and suspected murders – some of them, perhaps, entirely justified. James faces down a revolution and endures an alarming spell in a South American prison where he is attacked in the dark – but not by humans. During this time his ship catches fire and sinks in highly suspicious circumstances. An underwater fight to the death and a devastating hurricane complicate the action, which ends with a twist in the tale. the tale.
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