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Paperback (BC)
30 Oct 2015
Uniform Press
The poppy is the enduring symbol of the First World War, an icon that embodies a hundred years of attitudes towards the world’s first great conflict. Yet the flower’s association with warfare pre dates 1914 and its legacy continues today. An intensely powerful object, it has been appropriated by many, employed to justify war and to highlight its futility. This is the story of how the modern relationships between man and nature, war and politics, the media and technology are writing another chapter in the story of this most notorious of flowers. This small wonder reflects the way that the war profoundly changed understandings of conflict, life, death, injury and the representation of human beings and the world they live in during the twentieth century. Concisely written, and using powerful contemporary and modern imagery, this book will mirror the poppy itself; striking, multi-layered and thought provoking.
Matthew Leonard is a modern conflict archaeologist at the University of Bristol. His master’s degree and doctoral thesis have explored the human experience of the subterranean war in the Western Front. He is also a member of the Durand Group and as such conducts regular fieldwork in Northern France. He lives in Bath with his wife and daughter
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