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Martin Cheek Mosaic Artist

Creative Inspiration

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Paperback (BC)
11 Dec 2015
Unicorn Press
In recent times, the interior and exterior use of mosaics has become increasingly popular worldwide. Myriad practical books about how to make mosaics as well as sourcebooks of design have been published in response to this trend. This title, the seventh by internationally acclaimed mosaic artist Martin Cheek, has been written in response to requests from both newly-taught and established mosaic artists. This is a visual inspiration sourcebook with invaluable expert advice about the creative process involved in making mosaics - from initial design work to the finished piece. Many of the works took many months to complete and have never been published before.
Martin Cheek graduated in graphic design in 1981, before specialising in illustration and puppet design. He is regularly commissioned by both private and corporate clients as well as by museums. His work also appears in leading national magazines and newspapers as well as on television.
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