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Light and Life in the Middle Hills

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Paperback (BC)
25 Apr 2016
Uniform Press
A year after the devastating earthquake that shook Nepal, former Gurkha Officer turned professional photographer, Johnny Fenn, shares his journey with the Nepalese people. This book documents the land, the lives and experiences of the inhabitants through the lens. Johnny has been visiting Nepal as a Gurkha officer for 15 years, including two years living in Pokhara as the Field Director of the Gurkha Welfare Trust – responsible for providing financial, medical and emergency support to 8,500 Welfare Pensioners, and projects including building schools and water schemes to the villages in the middle hills of Nepal where Gurkhas have traditionally been recruited. The photographs here capture the beauty of Nepal and its people; reflecting the hardship of many, including former Gurkhas, and portrays the days immediately after the 25th April 2015 Earthquake in the epicentre villages.
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