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In Arcadia

Legends of the Flowers

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Paperback (BC)
10 Jul 2015
Our gardens are full of history and the story of flowers is a part of the story of mankind. Flowers are woven into the fabric of religion, mythology, and folklore of every land and generation. People painted them on their ancient cave walls and glorified them in myths. Since the earliest days of mankind, flowers have served as an inspiration to poets and painters. They have been used in heraldry and reigned as symbols representing many different religious and political ideals. The eighth book in our In Arcadiaseries is a beautiful collection of essays and stories exploring the myths and legends behind some of the most popular British flowers, including lavender, forgetme-nots, marigolds and thistles.
Originally written in 1930 by Janet Hepworth, and illustrated throughout with delicate woodcuts by WRH Johnson.
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