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Kitchener Wants You

The Man, The Poster & The Legacy

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Paperback (BC)
05 Jun 2016
Uniform Press
The words ‘Britons (Kitchener) Wants You’ and ‘Your Country Needs You’ are echoes from the First World War – a time very different from today but synonymous with one man and one (or rather several) printed images. This book explores that time through a remarkable poster whose words and image have influenced millions of people across the world. Kitchener Wants You presents new and fascinating facts about the ‘Kitchener’ poster as it explores why this poster, among hundreds of others, has survived as such a cultural and design icon. Evidence is provided to prove that the poster was seen across the UK, debunking previous works that have questioned its very existence. One hundred years from Lord Kitchener’s death aboard HMS Hampshire on 5th June 1916, the book shows how the great man is remembered from the image on the poster rather than from his true likeness and how, like Chinese whispers, the facts have changed over the years.
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