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Jewels from Imperial St. Petersburg

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14 Jan 2013
Unicorn Press Ltd
Russian jewelry has its own special allure and is highly appreciated the world over. This book not only offers a fascinating range of jewels and objects d'art crafted in St. Petersburg, beginning with the reigns of the empresses Elizabeth and Catherine the Great and ending in 1917 with that of Nicholas II, it is also intertwined with captivating personal history. It describes the development of style and design within the art of the St. Petersburg goldsmith, putting it into historical context. Many of the pieces discussed come from private collections in Finland and Sweden, each with a unique provenance happily preserved in anecdotes, letters, diaries, historical documents, and photographs.
Ulla Tillander-Godenhielm, Ph.D., is the great-granddaughter of St. Petersburg goldsmith Alexander Tillander, a supplier to the Russian imperial court. She has been researching the A uvre of the Russian jewelers for many years. Her doctoral dissertation was on the award system of imperial Russia. She lectures, serves as a consultant for art exhibitions, and writes for exhibition catalogs and art publications in Finland and abroad. She has published several books on the art of the jewelers of St. Petersburg in Swedish, Finnish, and English.
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