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Fashion's Enfant Terrible

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Paperback (BC)
10 Sep 2015
Galliano: Fashion’s Enfant Terrible is the showcase for a legendary couture career that has never been out of the public eye. Galliano may have come from humble origins in Gibraltar and experienced a difficult up bringing in South London but this only fueled his ambition to succeed, and led to a high-octane career at both Givenchy and Dior. This book is an essential tome for any fashionista, examining his work in full – from his training at Central Saint Martins, his outstanding first collection and his successes in Paris with two iconic houses. In recent times Galliano’s story has been on an unfortunate and painful hiatus but he is now back in the full glare of the public eye, and this stunning visual retrospective will highlight the masterful and memorable storyteller of couture that he has become and will always be remembered for. Galliano will be a testament to a flawed but human creative genius.
David Foy is the author of the Lady Gaga Style Bible for Bloomsbury and Cherish: Madonna, Like an Icon for the Ivy Press. As well as being an author he has worked in the publishing industry for over fifteen years and is currently running the publishing module as part of their collaborative programme for the MA students, at the London College of Fashion.
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