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Eugène Burnand

In Search of the Swiss Artist (1850-1921)

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Hardback (BB)
04 Aug 2016
Uniform Press
Eugène Burnand was the most famous Swiss artist of his generation; now sadly almost forgotten. This book charts the author’s discovery of Burnand’s incredible First World War pastel portraits, to which she was introduced by an old friend - a distant relative of the artist. Burnand wished to capture all the nationalities involved on the Allied side in the war, from the private soldier to the highest staff officer – from the home combatants and their colonies. He portrayed their personalities with great psychological insight and consummate skill, sitting knee to knee, as in the confessional. The ethnic diversity of the first ‘global war’ is shown here along with stories about some of the individual subjects who went on to achieve much in later life. The pictures Burnand created glow out of the pages and many have been included in this book along with the narrative, a true journey of European exploration of art history, in the author’s quest to learn more about this wonderful artist and his work.
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