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David Inshaw

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Paperback (BC)
15 Oct 2015
Unicorn Press
David Inshaw paints pastoral images, often imbued with a sense of mystery and emotional depth. He also paints figures, nude or clothed, with an evident relish and sense of celebration. His appreciation of the individuality of his models is manifest in these paintings, which show a human warmth and breadth of understanding. One of the founding members of the Brotherhood of Ruralists, David Inshaw is a key figure in 21st British art.
As art critic of The Spectator, Andrew Lambirth writes a regular weekly contribution to the literature of art criticism which is much valued by the magazine’s readers. He also writes introductions for exhibition catalogues and, to date, is the author of some 17 books, mostly full- length monographs on artists including John Armstrong, Stephen Chambers, Roger Hilton, Rose Hilton, John Hoyland, Maggi Hambling, Allen Jones, Ron Kitaj, Craigie Aitchison, L S Lowry and Ken Kiff.
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