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The Book of the Museum

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10 Feb 2005
Imperial War Museum
From his birthplace at Blenheim Palace to his tumultuous political life in Westminster, Celia Sandys is uniquely placed to examine the life of one of the most revered Britons in history. This book accompanies the launch of the Churchill Museum and includes many previously unpublished images and artifacts displayed in the new exhibition. It is essential reading for anyone interested in learning more about Winston Churchill and how he came to shape the world that we live in today.
Forward; Young Churchill, 1874 - 1900; Maverick Politician, 1900 - 29; Wilderness to War, 1929 - 40; War Leader, 1940 - 45; Cold War Statesman, 1945 - 64; Epilogue; Chronology; Family Tree; Bibliography; Acknowledgments; Index
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