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In Arcadia

Canals, Barges and People

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Paperback (BC)
01 Aug 2014
Unicorn Press
Volume IV in our In Arcadia Series is a beautiful book on the delights of our canals by the eminent engraver John O’Connor. He looks at the bucolic world of life on the British waterways. With over 30 superb engravings which capture his love of the natural world. He had a pastoral vision, albeit one imbued with melancholy, at the passing of time and a changing world. • Volume I - In the Heart of the Country by HE Bates • Volume II - The Happy Countryman by HE Bates • Volume III - Birds of Hedgerow, Field and Woodland by Raphael Nelson
John O’Connor (1914 - 2004) was taught by Eric Ravilious, John Nash and Robert Austin. He served in the RAF during WWII, and then went on to become Prinicpal of Colchester School of Art. He later moved to Scotland where he continued to produce illustrations for various publications.
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