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Palgrave Macmillan

Youth Cultures, Transitions, and Generations

Bridging the Gap in Youth Research

ISBN 9781137377227
Publication Date July 2015
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Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Within the diversity of contemporary youth research there are two dominant streams that can be categorized under the broad headings of 'transitions' and 'cultures' perspectives. This collection sets forth a challenge to youth studies, with the contributors arguing that social change means it is no longer possible to understand the experience of young people through this transitions/cultures prism. The future of youth studies, it is argued, will require new conceptual foundations, capable of bridging the gap between transitions and cultures approaches to researching youth. The chapters, including contributions from some of the most established names in contemporary youth studies, draw on a wide variety of alternative concepts, including generation, assemblage, field and belonging to rethink how the study of young lives should be pursued in the coming decades.

Dan Woodman is TR Ashworth Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Andy Bennett is Professor of Cultural Sociology and Director of the Griffith Centre for Cultural Research at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia.

1. Cultures, Transitions and Generations: The case for a new youth studies; Dan Woodman and Andy Bennett
2. Transitions, Cultures and Identities: What is youth studies?; Andy Furlong
3. Complex worlds, Complex Identities: Complexity in Youth Studies; Johanna Wyn and Rob White
4. Speaking of Youth Culture: A Critical Analysis of Contemporary Youth Cultural Practice; Andy Bennett
5. Generations, Transitions and Culture as Practice: A Temporal Approach to Youth Studies; Dan Woodman and Carmen Leccardi
6. Waiting for the Weekend?: Nightlife Studies and the Convergence of Youth Transition and Youth Cultural Analyses; Robert G. Hollands
7. Transitions, Cultures and Citizenship: Interrogating and Integrating Youth Studies in New Times; Anita Harris
8. Bourdieurian Cultural Transitions: Young People Negotiating 'Fields' in their Pathways Into and Out of Crime; Dorothy Bottrell and Alan France
9. Sexy Selfies of the Transitioning Self; Airi-Alina Allaste and Katrin Tiidenberg
10. Transitioning to a New Manhood: Subcultures as Sites of Inclusive Masculinity; Ross Haenfler
11. Youth Political Subjectivity in the Global South: Crossing Conceptual Boundaries in Less Examined Contexts; Darcie Vandegrift
12. Applying Theoretical Paradigms to Indonesian Youth in Reflexive Modernity; Steven Threadgold and Pam Nilan
13. Toward a Different Youth Studies: Youth-and-researchers as Affective Assemblages; Susan Talburt and Nancy Lesko
14. Transitions, Cultures and the Future of Youth Research; Dan Woodman and Andy Bennett

Airi-Alina Allaste, Tallinn University, Estonia
Andy Bennett, Griffith University, Australia
Dorothy Bottrell, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia
Alan France, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Andy Furlong, University of Glasgow, Scotland
Ross Haenfler, University of Mississippi, USA
Anita Harris, Monash University, Australia
Robert Hollands, Newcastle University, UK
Nancy Lesko, New York City, USA
Pam Nilan, University of Newcastle, Australia
Susan Talburt, Georgia State University, USA
Katrin Tiidenberg, Tallinn University, Estonia
Steve Threadgold, University of Newcastle, Australia
Rob White, University of Tasmania
Dan Woodman, University of Melbourne, Australia
Johanna Wyn, The University of Melbourne and Academy of Social Sciences Australia
Darcie Vandegrift, Drake University, Des Moines, USA


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