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Palgrave Macmillan

Preventing Corporate Fiascos

A Systemic Approach

ISBN 9781137489647
Publication Date February 2016
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Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

The lasting effects of corporate fiascos on business and the economy have spurred investigations, panel discussions, and research in an attempt to find out why these events happen and ways to prevent them. Through case studies and analysis of bankruptcy and institutional collapse, Preventing Corporate Fiascos examines the root cause of these disasters and offers a management exceptions system that diagnoses potential failure from the start.

Dr. Nguyen's unique framework is inspired by the biological spectrum, using cancer and disease as a metaphor for prevention and destruction. He uses a proven management repertory grid technique to evaluate aberrant and emotionally-charged decisions which could bring an institution to collapse. By recognizing the institution, its employees, the market and the economy as components of the biological spectrum, we can identify aggravating failure and disease and begin to take effective steps toward prevention.

Thang Nhut Nguyen teaches Information Systems and Decision Science undergraduate and MBA courses at CSU Long Beach since 1999. He holds a BSEE from University Laval, Quebec, MS in Information & Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, and PhD in Information Technology and Engineering from George Mason University. He has over 35 years of field experience in business and IT with IBM (retiree), former Candle Corporation and SAIC, and actively researches robotics and automation, decision science, software engineering and intelligence and biologically-inspired computing. He has published in major journals including Information and Management, IBM Journal of Research and Development, and Communications of the Association for Information Systems. He is the author of the textbook Essentials of Statistics for Business and Economics: An Effective Approach.

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1. Corporate Fiascos
2. Preventing Corporate Fiascos: A Systemic Approach
3. Preventing Corporate Fiascos: Corporate Information Exceptions
4. Preventing Corporate Fiascos: Understanding Corporate Decisions
5. Preventing Corporate Fiascos: Corporate Oversight Organization Unit
6. Preventing Corporate Fiascos: Beyond the Institutions


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